These days more body in your hair is the latest trend. Waves, or curls here and there. So we love it when we see our clients straighten hair then add a few curls in between so it has that extra body and bounce. Go over to our Facebook page and watch our latest video of how the Averti Styler can be used anywhere to straighten your hair and add a few curly waves in the front. The days of dead straight hair is not completely gone but having more body is definitely the seasonal thing these days. You can easily add body into your hair with a normal Straightener. With a little bit of practice you can become a pro at using a hair straightener to curl or wave your hair into beautiful luscious locks.


Whether your hair has to be a cooler shade or a warmer shade to accommodate your skin tone, a few high or lowlights is a must. It also adds life and body and more shimmer to hair and it’s what we see hitting the hair market today. No more solid colours like in the past, nowadays adding foils is a normal part of going to the salon. You even see hair dye brands are now releasing shades that advertise having the ability to add these different shades into your hair. That is why Ombrè and balayage are so prevalent. You can never go wrong with adding a few foils into your original or dyed hair colour. We do recommend though that you rather ask a professional to do this for you. It can be a tricky business as colouring experts know exactly how long to leave the product in your hair so it turns into just the right shade ,as too much contrast or very brassy colours can turn your very much desired classy and chic look into a complete and total hair disaster.


There used to be days where doing everything and anything to you hair was okay. Now the trend is to use hair products before and after styling to protect hair. Overstyling can burn and break hair. Split ends are a big no. So we recommend using a good heat protection serum before using our Avertí Hair styler and to add some beautiful golden moroccan hair oil to the ends when you are done styling, remember this hair straightener is a battery operated cordless unit that you can take anywhere so make sure your product is handbag size so it fits in your handbag with this new trendy straightener/curler.